Look Who’s Teacher of the Month at Liberation Yoga!

Lynn Coach of the Month

Thank you, Liberation for the honor.


Liberation Yoga will always hold a special place in my yogi’s heart and I have been teaching there since it opened in 2004.    


It was originally conceived and opened as an antidote to the corporate takeover of the yoga world.   In the “good old days” studios were all just small, independently owned and operated, neighborhood studios.  But in the early 2000’s, YogaWorks came along with a corporate, standardized approach to yoga and “profitability”.  Memberships aka your local gym, standardized teaching styles and massive expansion are some of the changes that came with change of ownership to a YogaWorks studio.  At the same time, large retail franchises began to open up in order to capitalize on the burgeoning multi million dollar yoga and fitness business.   Yoga had arrived and would never be the same again.  


Except at Liberation Yoga and I’m sure a handful of studios around the country run not by corporations, but by YOGIS. Thank you, Christine and Gary for carrying the torch of what a yoga studio should be: a refuge, a sacred space, a community of like minded souls, a place where one can come to explore and experience a number of different yoga traditions — all under one roof.  


If you’re a Big Little Lies fan, you’ll recognize our beloved garden studio space.  Liberation has won so many awards, I’ve lost count but a few of note are:  Best Yoga Studio in LA by Citisearch and LA Weekly for 4 years, as well as Top 20 Yoga Studios in the World by Travel and Leisure magazine.  


When you come to Liberation, you’re met by someone at the front desk that most likely knows your name.  It’s small and charming, quirky and sweet.   And truly a sacred space for practicing this ancient art and science known as Yoga. If you haven’t been there, you MUST GO and experience an authentic, yoga studio with a roster of great teachers.


Love you, Liberation Yoga.


Join Lynn at any one of her weekly classes at Liberation. Check out her schedule here.


5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

holiday survival tips

Let’s face it, the Holidays, as fun and festive as they are, can be hard on our bodies, minds and emotions.  


Here are a few tips for you to consider, a little survival guide to get you through the holiday season.

  Listen to the Holiday Tips Here

Download the PDF

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Why We Need to Detox

why we need to detox

You Don't Know What  You Don't Know!


So when I hear the multitude of reasons people may have for not cleansing,


I usually think, aww, “You don’t even know what you don’t know! “


After all, how can you know if you’ve never had the experience?    


We become very attached to “our food”, the things and the way we like to eat.  Eating is pleasurable.  I get it.  Also, there might be a little fear around the words cleanse or detox because it conjures up images of starvation or having only juice.  But the truth is this:  we detox not to punish ourselves but to give our digestions the opportunity to rest so the body can move into detox mode and begin to release toxins.  The truth is, cleansing is not an exercise in starvation.  It’s possible to detox and still eat every day.   


And the truth is, everyone needs to detox.  We all live in an environment that is constantly being compromised, and we are under assault daily, whether it’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink, our food supply, or the stresses of modern life.  Toxins are unavoidable.  But by pressing the pause button for a few weeks, a couple times a year, we have the opportunity to reset that dynamic and clear out what may have begun to accumulate.  And that affects our overall health and even the way and rate at which we age.  Detoxing, I have come to believe fervently, is not an elective.  For anyone who is serious about their health, it’s mandatory.


why we need to detox


We detox in the Fall, coming out of summer to help clear out the excess heat from the summer season before it compromises our immune system heading into winter.  We detox in the Spring to clear out the congestion and stagnation of the Winter heading into Spring and Summer.  And who doesn’t want to head into summer feeling lighter?  


A “smart” 3 week cleanse, designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind, gives the body the concentrated time and space it needs to begin to release and eliminate stored toxins in the body and mind.  I say “smart” because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 30 years, it’s that an effective, healing cleanse is NOT a one size fits all proposition.  Some people are able to clear their schedules and find time to cloister, others have a busier schedule with more mental and physical demands on their bodies.  Some people want to lose 10-20 pounds, others need to rejuvenate, heal and get grounded.  Some are experienced detoxers and others brand new to cleansing.  So “smart” means customized and that’s what I’ve designed: a detox program tailored to your specific health goals and current schedule demands.

why we need to detox

I do a seasonal Fall and Spring detox every year and now after many years, I can say that my body craves it and I look forward to it every year.  Detoxing is a time to clear out excess and press the reset button on our physiologies.  It’s a time to slow down, reevaluate, and rest.  It’s a time to try something different for just 3 weeks.  It’s a time to find out what you didn’t even know — about cleansing, and about yourself.  It’s a time to find out just how GOOD you can feel.  And heading into winter, it’s a great way to boost the immune system before cold and flu season arrives.  It’s a time to cleanse the body of stored toxins, strengthen the digestion, calm and clear the mind and maybe lose a little extra weight.  


I’m ready to feel lighter, clearer and more grounded.  I need to keep my immune system strong: I haven’t had a winter cold or flu in 3 years! Allergy season is a non-event since I started detoxing seasonally.  I’m looking forward to eliminating those unhealthy cravings that creeped back into my world over the summer (sugar and coffee to name two).  And I want to head into the holiday season ahead of the curve with healthy cravings.  I love how mentally clear and physically grounded I feel after giving my body this time to reset and rejuvenate!  


What do you want?  If I can help you design a detox, please contact me.  I love supporting people as they uncover how good they can feel.  and if you're ready to join us just click the button below to register. 

A Labor of Love

do what you love

Confucius is credited with saying:


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Of course not everyone is lucky enough to “do what they love”.  I am happy to say that now I do, but it wasn’t always that way.


I’ve been in both situations, disliked my job intensely and now, by great fortune and a lot of hard work, I love what I do.


Most of us fall somewhere on the spectrum between those two points, and it may even fluctuate from season to season, or quarter to quarter.  But where you are on that spectrum today or tomorrow, is less important than keeping in touch with all that brings you joy.  Pursue what you love with abandon.  Keep following what you love and it will lead you to freedom and joy. It will also lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are.


It might be that it opens you up to new possibilities in terms of work, or new people who share the same interests and help to open new doors for you.  Or, it may just be what feeds your soul and reminds you that you are so much more than “what you do”.  Let that joy infect you and everything you do with love and you may find that your job is actually okay.  It might be your perspective that needs a little dusting off.  Or you may realize you can no longer “put off” making a change.


Love is the greatest power in the Universe.  Great beings, saints, healers, teachers, and artists know this to be true.  As Van Gogh said:  Anything you do with love is done well.

do what you love

Examine any one of your “labors of love” and you’ll witness this first hand.  The time spent will fly, there will be joy in your efforts and the results may just astonish you.  Then try infusing your everyday tasks with this love.  Do the dishes with love, feed the cat with love, talk to your neighbor with love and see the shift.

do what you love

 — Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore tells us that we are not here for ourselves.  That we are interconnected and here to serve others. That any belief that we should simply be graced with an easy life and happiness is like living in a dream.  That our greatest joy is found in serving others.  And that when we awaken to this fact, our work truly becomes a labor of love.


Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  May you do what you love and love what you do.  And may we all work toward making a difference in this world.


With love,


Managing Vata Dosha During the Busy Travel Season

vata travel

Don’t pack your Vata.


Traveling this summer?  Me too.  Planning for a trip is exciting but there are a lot of details to work out:  where to go, flights, hotels, what you want to see and do while you’re there.  Packing is another project: what will you need where you’re going?  And then there’s the home front:  getting your work covered, your house, garden and pets cared for while you’re gone, bills paid.  Don’t get me wrong — I happily do this and more whenever I travel, but it can and will aggravate Vata.  


vata travelVata is the energy of ether and air, of movement and change.  And everything about travel, from the flight to the time change, to the excitement, to the 10,001 details, to the disrupted schedule, to the change in food and sleep patterns, will aggravate vata.  


This can lead to frazzled nerves, insomnia, dry skin, forgetfulness, worsened jet lag, digestive issues and constipation.  


Top 10 Tips on How to Manage Vata


Here are my Top 10 Tips on How to Manage Vata when traveling and planning your trip.  I did these things before traveling this summer and it made all the difference in the world.


1. Plan Ahead – Make a list and stick to it. Methodically finish each task. Don’t skip around. The more erratic and scattered you are, the more you will increase the vata in your system. Vata individuals need rhythm, routine and a schedule to stay balanced. Don’t leave everything to the last minute or you drive your vata into the stratosphere.


2. Keep a regular schedule before you leave — Keep your vata in check in the weeks before you leave.  Get to bed on time and eat at roughly the same time every day.  Vata individuals need routine to stay grounded.


3. vata travelSchedule it in! There are only so many hours in a day. Every day. Whatever you’ve got on your list – schedule it in and start weeks earlier than you think you need to. You want space in your schedule… slow and steady wins with vata. Feeling rushed will create more frenetic energy, the last thing vatas need.


4. Meals. Eat at regular times. Don’t skip meals because “you’re too busy to eat”. See #’s 1, 2 and 3. Don’t eat on the run. Sit quietly and ground yourself at mealtime, feet on the floor and bring your attention to your meal, not your computer, a book, the newspaper or taking notes. The way in which you eat plays a crucial part in how well you digest and the balancing of Vata dosha. Eat healthy, nourishing food so you’re not snacking later in the day or looking for that 3 pm sugar boost.


5. GROUND in any way you can think of. Baths, self massage, work in the garden. Whatever makes you feel grounded and calm should get some extra time on the schedule. See #3!


6. Allow for screw ups. Know that it comes with the territory. Travel = snafu’s. Learn to be okay with that and give your micro manager the day off. Some of my best adventures (Plan B) have been the result of Plan A disintegrating.


7. vata travelExercise. This could actually be 2B or 3B. Keep a regular schedule of exercise – move your breath and body! The mind can easily become overactive in vata individuals. Bringing awareness to the breath and body will help calm the mind. Moving your prana every day is key to keeping your doshic makeup in balance, whatever combination you are.


8. Don’t over schedule yourself. Scheduling one thing after the other from morning to night will aggravate vata like crazy. Like increases like, so rushing from one thing to the next will wreak havoc. Leave time in your schedule. Let go of frenetic activity. Learn to be productive in a calmer more spacious way. Learn how to be productive in a leisurely way.


9. Press the reset button every day. Meditate, get out in nature, go to a movie, do things that turn off the over active mind.


10.Try these things. Notice what gives you the most leverage. These tips will help you avoid pre trip burn out, lessen your jet lag and help you acclimate to your new surroundings and time zone with greater ease.


vata travel

Enjoy your travels!  😉



Lynn (the Wandering Yogi)  

Lynn’s Cool Watermelon Cooler

watermelon juice

I’m obsessed with Watermelon Juice!!!!


I’ve always loved watermelon but I make a complete mess eating it and inevitably end up standing at the kitchen sink to eat it.  Then one day I had an epiphany:  make juice, which makes total sense because to me it’s more of a thirst quenching fruit than anything else. So I cut one up and put it in the Vitamix, but it came out a bit thick and pulpy.  So I added coconut water and it was perfect.  Later, I heard from other people that you can add other things like herbs (basil in particular) or mint or lime.


Sweet juicy fruits (watermelon) are recommended for reducing Pitta dosha (HEAT) in the summer, as are all things coconut, so this refreshing, thirst quenching juice has the added extra benefit of acting like nature’s coolant.


Try it with a little mint or a squeeze of lime, or basil like I mention above or create your own version and share in the comments below.  I can’t wait to hear!!


Lynn's Watermelon Cooler

Print out the recipe here


This super simple watermelon juice is my hot weather obsession.


It’s beautiful, refreshing, sweet and will help cool you off on even the hottest days.


Melon is not a food that combines well with other foods so drink this an hour or so before or after your meal.

Postcards from the Wandering Yogi

postcards from wandering yogi

Travel is one of my greatest pleasures and I am thrilled to be taking an extended trip this summer to France and Italy. I’ll be ending my journey in NY in September and home to LA after Labor Day. I’ll be sharing my musings and wanderings with you through my “Postcards from the Wandering Yogi” series. Check in here for all the postcards as I go.


And let me know where you’re wandering!  I’m wishing you all a wonderful summer and may your wanderings bring you immense joy, whether they’re close to home or far.


With love, Lynn

postcards from the wandering yogi

postcards from the wandering yogi

postcards from the wandering yogi

We have a precious new perspective, things don’t return to their old shape quite so quickly.  What a gift.  Everything is present simultaneously: renewed appreciation for the things you love and clear vision toward what needs to change . . . or possibly be acknowledged and eliminated entirely.

So after this two and a half month absence, I am back, and I know the place for the first time.  Sometimes it’s called beginner’s mind.  I’m able to see “what is” with new eyes and I know again, that I have so much to be grateful for.  There are some changes that need to happen as well, to clear the way for new growth and to align the channels so that, creatively, what is trying to come through, CAN.  Big steps or small, fine tuning your life is meant to be a perpetual process.

Here’s to shaking off of habitual patterns of being, of thinking, of acting, and of seeing.  Here’s to transformation.

postcards from the wandering yogi

postcards from the wandering yogi

postcards from the wandering yogi

postcards from the wandering yogi
postcards from the wandering yogi


postcards from the wandering yogiWhat we can learn from Ayurveda is that what we eat and the 6 tastes inherent in our food literally design our health, physical tissues and our experience of living in a body.  To learn more about that, go to my Connect page, and enter your email to receive information on my next Bhavana Vibrant Body course where we explore these concepts deeply.  The sweet, juicy fruits of summer, for example, help to balance and maintain pitta dosha in the hot months of summer.  In Bhavana Vibrant Body, we explore how nature is trying to support our health in every season.

Meanwhile, whether you live to eat or eat to live, I hope you are enjoying the season’s bounty — the colors, the textures, the smells and the tastes of summer.

Here, Italy:  maybe you’ll find some inspiration amongst the colors, combinations and presentation.

postcards from the wandering yogi


postcards from the wandering yogi
postcards from the wandering yogi


postcards from the wandering yogi

In 1870 the artists began moving into Montmartre and over the next 20 years, cafes and cabarets multiplied and Montmartre became the center of creative, bohemian life — artists, poets, actresses, revolutionaries, dancers, clowns, thieves, musicians, and prostitutes, all mixed together to create the emerging artistic scene.  Here, talent was valued above all else.   Theatre, cabaret, music, art and circus thrived and many artists painted or lived in Montmartre:  Renoir, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rousseau and Modigliani all painted, lived or frequented the cabaret scene.   Eric Satie and Claude Debussy played in the cabarets.  It was a melting pot of humanity and artistic expression of every kind.

The Musée de Montmartre was once the house that served as both residence and atelier for many of the artists of the time and it was in it’s gardens, that Renoir painted a number of his masterpieces now housed at the Musée d’Orsay (1875-1876).  It is also where Picasso painted his Demoiselles d’Avignon, a work that marked a new era in modern art (1907).  

It’s a sweet afternoon to watch artists, today, in the Place Tertre paint landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.  Perhaps I’ll go back another day and have my portrait done to mark the time I fell in love with Montmartre.   


postcards from the wandering yogi


postcards from the wandering yogi

There are artists of paint, thought, story, drawings, sculpture, written word, architecture, film, and living life.  These designers deserve a place of honor among the best.  They created wearable art that utilized every artistic expression — from form, context, shape, color, texture, drape and detail to the societal or political statement their creations make.  Magnificent.  

It is an honoring of the entire lineage of Dior.  From Dior to Yves Saint Laurent to Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and now, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

If you have the chance, don’t miss it.  It will be at the at the Musée des Arts décoratifs until January 7, 2018.


musee picasso


musee picasso


foundation louis vuitton


foundation louis vuitton


musee rodin


musee rodin


Celebrating Freedom

independence day


I love Independence Day.  It holds deep meaning for me and 16 years ago it marked the beginning of a radical change in the direction of my life.

Independence on Independence Day.  I’ll never forget it and I celebrate it every year.


How Independence Day Took on a Deeper Meaning


It was at the end of 2nd quarter of 2001 (June 30th, to be exact), that I left the television industry.  I had worked for 22 years in media, promotions, marketing and events.  It was an amazing experience.  I had a great career.  I made really good money and had a coveted, highly sought after job.  From the outside, I had it all.


So what happened?

As with most things, it was a mixed bag.  In many ways it was the best of the best.  I worked with great people and I had fought long and hard to climb the ladder to reach where I was when I left.  I achieved a lot of success in those years, and I’m proud of my achievements. But with the position came a lot of stress.  Long hours 52 weeks a year and constant stress. The edges were beginning to fray.  The expectations from upper management were unrealistic and many times completely unachievable — not the “fault” of anyone, really, just part of the corporate culture; an element that made for an inherently unsatisfying experience.  If you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of achieving the goals that have been set, you are in a constant lose-lose position.  For me, this was an untenable and ultimately unsustainable model.  I could see no way forward, no way for me to thrive, long term, in that environment.


Something told me to leave — for many years, and of course I ignored the voice.  “But what would I do?”, I said.  I was functioning, successful even, but really unhappy.  My health had begun to suffer.  I was in the midst of an early mid life crisis.


independence day

Years earlier (1988), I had (re)discovered YOGA and I believe it saved my life.  It was, for the time I remained in “the business”, my anchor, my 2 hours of sanity, my life preserver. In the midst of personal or professional chaos, it grounded me and connected me to an indestructible place of solace and understanding.  It shifted my perspective on my life and my view of the world — immeasurably.


And so for many years it was my band-aid.  I went to my classes; maybe once a week to start.  Then twice.  And over time, I found myself there three times a week.  In 1993 I took my first (of many) teacher trainings.  I had found another “world”, so different from my professional reality, and so much more aligned with who I was, or more accurately, who I was BECOMING.   I developed a direct relationship with Consciousness.  I was changing from the inside, out.


And this went on for years, the seesaw.  Two separate and incongruous realities residing in the same life:  mine.  My fast paced, professional, stressful, unhealthy, every-man-for-himself world . . . . and my yoga world.  As the benefits from yoga began to accumulate and infiltrate my day to day life, they started to actually PUSH the other parts OUT. Conflicts were beginning to arise.  My “old self”, old tendencies and patterns were being challenged and it was becoming more and more difficult to reconcile the  two worlds. They were at odds and it was uncomfortable.  After all, the changes I was being called to make were enormous and life changing and change is uncomfortable.


Then, I suffered 2 personal losses and those brought my life and it’s direction into sharp focus.  And I didn’t like what I saw or the direction I was headed.  It was a pivotal time. Something had to change and one of these “lives” had to go.  I knew that if I were to survive, which one it was.


independence day

16 years later, I recognize it as Consciousness expanding and taking it’s rightful seat at the head of the table.  Dharma is a word that we use to describe your life’s calling, your purpose, the reason you are here and what you are here to do with this life you have been given.  When you are living in alignment with your Dharma, or working toward that end, your journey takes on a harmonic resonance.  Please don’t misunderstand.  It’s not easy or perfect, but there’s an ease in the hard work that propels you forward.  And the residue is pleasing to the ear and harmonious instead of toxic.  When you are not in alignment, the experience is discordant, cacophonous, unpleasant and unhealthy.  And that summed up my experience in “the industry”.  Could I have done it?  Stayed in?  Yeah, probably.  I have an indomitable will.  But would it have been Dharmic?  Not a chance.  And that friction, trying to make something right that just ISN’T, will ultimately take a much bigger toll on your health, your life, and your relationships.  That friction is also the truth making it’s way to the surface and that truth will set you free.


So after 22 years in the industry, I QUIT.  It was terrifying.  And exhilarating.  I didn’t know what I would do.  I was leaving the only job I had ever known and a high paying one, at that.  But I knew that if I wanted a shot at being happy or fulfilled, there was only one choice to be made.  And I was making it.  Sometimes your dharma is found by a process of elimination:  “I don’t know what I’m going to do, I just know I can’t do this any longer”.


I’m writing to you now 16 years to the day that I began my new life, and I can happily say that I have no regrets about my decision.  It hasn’t always been easy, but things have a way of working out when you are not swimming against the current and  fighting for breath every step of the way.  Things have a way of working out when you begin to align with your Dharma.


independence day

Which brings me back to Independence Day.  Freedom, like truth, are my guiding stars.  I can live without many things, but not without truth and not without freedom.  I’m not talking about the subjective truth, or the “alternative facts” that have sadly managed to seep onto our national conversation like a malignancy, but irrefutable, inarguable, verifiable, factual, TRUTH.  For without truth, there can be no freedom.  And the freedom to make our own choices is, arguably, the greatest gift Consciousness has given us, after life itself.  May you make the choices that lead you to greater freedom.


Happy Independence Day, everyone.


With Love,


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Summer Solstice Cooling Summer Foods

cooling summer foods

If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

Some say it is the first day of summer, others, that it marks the mid point of the summer season.  Either way, there is still plenty of summer left for us to enjoy.

Summer is the season of LIGHT, of heat and of activity.  Nature is in the midst of her growth season, the days are long, the kids are out of school, the produce is beautiful and bountiful, the weather is warm and people are on vacation.  It is the most playful time of year.  I love summer!

According to Ayurveda, summer is also the time that the Pitta dosha is predominant.  Pitta is the energy of fire (and water) so during the hot summer days, if you are a person who also has a fair amount of Pitta dosha in your constitution, you may be prone to Pitta imbalances.

Pitta dosha is oily, sharp, light and liquid, as well as HOT, so in summer Pitta individuals might experience overheating, skin sensitivity (red rashes), light sensitivity, indigestion, heartburn, and a temperament that boils over.

No one feels very playful when they’re experiencing these discomforts!

If this is you, you probably have Pitta in your constitution.  Pitta individuals can balance the “heat” of a Pitta imbalance by eating cooling foods and avoiding things that further aggravate their Pitta.

Cooling Summer Foods for Pitta

If you find the heat of summer challenging, try adding in more cooling foods and cutting back or avoiding foods that increase Pitta:cooling summer foods


Coffee (caffeine)

Oily or highly spiced foods


Sour foods that increase acidity

The hot midday sun


Favor the following:

Sweet apples



Sweet berriescooling summer foods







Dark leafy greens

All legumes




Herbs and Spices to Favor:cooling summer foods







Minimize the heat of summer to maximize your enjoyment of the lively, playful summer season.  Some of my favorite ‘Summertime Stay Cool’ recipes coming soon.


If you would like to learn more about your particular constitution and how to keep yourself in balance throughout the year, click here to find out more about my signature 10 week course, Bhavana Vibrant Body.


bhavana vibrant body

The next course starts late fall / early winter.  We’ll explore the beautiful concepts of Ayurveda and yogic lifestyle habits that will help you stay in balance no matter the season.  We’ll learn how to build a stronger immune system, reduce stress, and slow down the aging process so you can live the vibrantly healthy, easeful life you were intended to live.

I wish you all a joy filled, playful summer.





What Gives You Hope?

what gives you hopeNamaste, or Namaskar, is commonly used in India as a greeting.  You might l hear it spoken as a hello, as a farewell or as an honorific greeting, a way to show respect to perhaps a teacher or an elder.

To yogis worldwide, of course, it has become commonly known through yoga.  Yoga classes across the country start with Om and close with Namaste.  And like many words that have become familiar and made it into the common vernacular, the real meaning is often lost or forgotten.  We toss it off as easily as we would, “see ya later” or “thanks so much”, without so much as a thought of it’s actual meaning.

My favorite translation of Namaste is:  “That which is divine in me, recognizes and bows to the divine in you”.

How utterly revolutionary.  And non-dual.  Divinity is everywhere.  I am divine.  So are you.

And so is, by the way, every living thing on the planet.  Wow.  Consider the repercussions of this non-dual perspective.  

We’re not different, foreign or threatening.  We are not only more alike than different, we are in fact, 

entirely the same:  Consciousness. what gives you hope

And yet . . . . we discriminate, fight, repress, belittle, enslave, rape, kill and ignore each other.  Why?  

Because we are brought up with separation instead of Oneness and separation brings fear.

We’re brought up to see the differences rather than the sameness.

We don’t understand that when one person suffers, we all suffer.

We don’t have big picture vision:  that we are ONE PEOPLE, living on ONE PLANET.  

From time to time, it’s a powerful practice to take a moment and remember the origins of this common sentiment.  

Consider what it means:  that each of us are divine beings, that have been given the precious gift of a body and a stage upon which to experience our embodiment. 

We are all Divine.  Let that land.  And remember it the next time you use Namaste (or even Hello or Good-bye!). When you utter the word with this meaning in mind, your wish and your utterance will have the power of your heart behind it and that power is immeasurable:  

what gives you hopeThat which is divine in me, recognizes and bows to the divine in you.  

May we be blessed enough to be reminded of this fact often.

I am hopeful that we will. 

Thank you for stopping by, and